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1 The first man. In (Gen 2:4-4:26), Yahweh forms Adam (Heb. ‘adam, “human”) from the “earth” (Heb. ‘adamah), sets him over the Garden, and allows him to name the animals. Tranquility rules until Adam and Eve break Yahweh’s rule, eat the forbidden fruit, and suffer expulsion from the Garden and the curse of a life of sweat, pain, and death. In the NT, Luke carries Jesus’s genealogy back to God through Adam (Luke 3:38). (Rom 5:12-21) contrasts the first (earthly) Adam, who was disobedient, with Christ, the last (heavenly) Adam, who was obedient. 2 A city mentioned in (Josh 3:16), where the waters of the Jordan were dammed, allowing the Israelites to cross. It stood at the outflow of the biblical Jabbok River (modern Zerqa) into the Jordan River, commanding intersecting travel routes.

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